Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yearbook - Story Writing

What’s Your Story?

Analyze your spread for storytelling quality considering all aspects of coverage and content.

Is the story meaningful to readers?

Have you included guys and girls; all grade levels; different cultures; and at least one person not covered in the book elsewhere? Is there a sense of relationship developed?

INTERESTING: Does the story offer “something for everyone” angles to content such as family, friends, faith, entertainment, etc?

INFORMATIONAL: Do details date the experience specifically for this year? Have you included facts and figures?

INSIGHTFUL: Are there unique angles of the story that compel readers to see something new or from a different perspective?

INTERACTIVE: Does an element on the spread make the reader “do something” like answer a question or match up items?

Is the story documented with facts, figures and feelings answering the 5Ws and H?

Who, What, Where, Why, When & How!

Do the words and pictures harmonize to tell the story without repeating stories?

Does a primary/secondary headline package capture and keep readers’ attention with story highlights and cool words?

Does a single news feature or a combination of story packages present the story in an informative and entertaining way?

Do captions continue where the story of the photographs end giving readers the benefit of knowing the before/during/after of the pictured moments?

Does your collection of photos showcase the action, reaction, scrapbook moments and personality portraits of the activity or event story?

Have you captured the photo stories from single-subject, multi-subject and larger group perspectives?

If used, does artwork enhance the story with additional information and/or insights?

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