Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Lesson: Picasso Resist


* Glue resist technique
* Layer of printmaking ink
* Layer of either pastel, paint or colored pencil
* Top layer of printmaking ink
* One set of complementary colors
* Bright colors on at least 2/3rds of picture (in other words: no browns, grays or blacks)
* Remember that warm colors draw the eye, so place yellow, orange or red near (or on/in) your focal point.
* Fill paper
* Must get sketch approved before starting the glue process


1. Sketch outline of subject on paper. Blind contour drawing works best.
2. Draw over sketch with glue.
3. Set the paper on drying rack to dry.
4. Ink your brayer and lay on a thorough layer of ink over the whole surface of the paper, especially the glue outlines.
5. Set the paper on drying rack to dry.
6. Choose your medium to color (pastels, colored pencils or acrylic paints).
7. Color and/or paint in around the outline.
8. Ink your brayer and put a light layer of ink over the image. Put a solid layer of ink on the glue outlines.

Soft Deadline: September 29th

Hard Deadline: October 6th