Monday, February 22, 2016

Innovative Artists

How have artists taken risks and changed the art world? How have artists changed the world? Did you know that prior to the invention of photography, art was mainly used to document events and important people? Once photography came along, it freed up artists to be more creative, and to try new things. Change can be difficult though. Here are some videos explaining more about art history. There is so much more than what I am including here! I highly recommend taking an art history class, or researching for yourself. You never know what you may find!

Essential Question: How have artists in the past taken risks to create new techniques and concepts?

Enduring Understanding: New ideas are often the result of risk-taking.

Arts and Culture during the Industrial Revolution

Landmarks of Western Art Documentary: Impressionism and Post Impressionism

Mad about Monet

Pablo Picasso

Pop Art


Judy Chicago (Women and Art)

Guerilla Girls (Women and Art)

BBC: This is Modern Art

TED TALK: The power of photography to change the world

Photo Transfer Fun!

Alright, Kiddos! Are you ready? You are ready!
We will be working on photo transfers for our next project. I'm going to be showing you different techniques. YOU will choose what techniques to use, and YOU will decide how to create a meaningful work of art. How will you experiment?

Here are some helpful tutorials.

Canvas Photo Transfer:

Wood Photo Transfer:

Charpak Blender Marker Transfer:

NOTE: When you burnish, do NOT use your hand! Use a spoon.

What other transfer methods can you try? How can you "go beyond" a basic transfer technique?

Essential Question: How does process impact the quality of work?