Monday, November 29, 2010

Extra Credit

If you need extra credit, please take advantage of the extra credit opportunities below. There are numerous other extra credit options on the blog.

1. Write a research paper about an artist or art movement. Worth up to 100 points, based on quality.

2. Create an art game to play in class. Must include art vocabulary and/or skills. Worth up to 25 points, based on quality.

3. Make a music video about art. Must include art vocabulary and/or skills. Worth up to 100 points, based on quality.

4. Create a visual study guide using ALL of the vocabulary learned in class so far. Must use examples of artwork.

Art vocabulary includes artists, art movements, terminology, skills, materials...

Remember quality is important! You must put time and effort into the extra credit assignments to get full points.

Katrin Eismann ~ Digital Artist

Selection from her artist statement: "Enduring art speaks to the human condition with emotional honesty and clarity. As a practicing artist it is difficult to recognize if my images are or will be of any enduring value. Art is successful if it stimulates a reaction or discussion within the viewer. This process enables art to exist long after the paper has crumbled away or the musical notes have faded into silence."

Computer Graphics Class: Digital Painting

Our final project for the semester is the Wacom Digital Painting Project.


1. 8X10 canvas; 300 ppi

2. The WHOLE image must be painted and/or drawn!

3. Use the 2/3rds rule OR fill the frame (composition)

4. Must have a focal point

5. Must use at least five different brushes.

Subject matter is up to you

Hard Deadline: December 15th, 2010

~ Parag Lavande

~ Michael S.

~ Michael S.

~ George Patsouras

Art I - IV Students: Final Art Project

On the final art project, which is due December 17th, please remember that you will be graded on the following:

* Following Directions

* Craftsmanship

* Attitude

* Use of Principles of Art and Elements of Design

* Problem Solving & Originality

* Focal point, 2/3rds rule, value, symbolism, texture...