Friday, March 2, 2018

Tintype Studio - Save the Date!

Patrick Andrade of Relic Fine Art visited my classroom today to help me set up the tintype studio. I took a tintype workshop from Patrick in the fall, and was so inspired, I knew that I had to bring it to Littleton High School! With the generosity from the Littleton Public Schools Foundation, LHS received a grant to fund the tintype project. Patrick Andrade will visit our classroom on March 23rd, and you will learn how to create tintypes! I'm so excited to be facilitating this opportunity! Stay tuned for more!

Today we were able to successfully create a tintype. I had four unsuccessful tries by myself, and one "just OK" tintype before the one I'm including in this post. A lot of problem-solving was involved, and there will be much more problem-solving to do! This tintype is far from perfect, and we will work together to improve our technique.