Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Guest Photographer Glenn Randall

A HUGE thank you to Landscape Photographer Extraordinaire, Glenn Randall! Students learned all the professional tips and tricks for taking milky way photographs. I can't wait to apply what we learned the next time I'm out shooting for the stars! Thanks again, Glenn!

Interested in Glenn's work? You can view information on his upcoming workshops, published books, and more, below.

Upcoming Workshops: http://www.glennrandall.com/workshops.html.

Rocky Nook’s site to buy his book The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography http://www.rockynook.com/shop/photography/the-art-science-and-craft-of-great-landscape-photography/.

Three coffee-table books that were published by Farcountry Press can all be found on Amazon.

Rocky Mountain National Park Impressions

Colorado Wild & Beautiful

Sunrise from the Summit

www.glennrandall.com (print sales and workshop info)
www.agpix.com/glennrandall (stock photography)

All work included in this post is courtesy of the artist, Glenn Randall, with permission.