Monday, October 25, 2010

Miz Art ~ Perspective

Miz Art Question # 4:

What kind of perspective does Raphael use in the painting "School of Athens"?

(This is the easiest question yet, so enjoy)

The Power of Words

Students: You made a difference! Please read this letter from our soldier, Jeffried:

"Hello Melanie!!!!

I received your package today and I have to admit I was happy, overwhelmed and just plain overjoyed when I saw the cards.
I have had a chance to share them with the rest of the Soldiers that
are stationed here.

The place where we eat our meals is called the DFAC. They allowed me to
use a table and spread your cards out for display.
At first Soldiers just looked and walked by....... but later the art
work and love that was placed in each card drew a crowd.

Soldiers started sitting around the table chatting and talking about the
memories the pictures sparked. I was not expecting this reaction.
About half the cards were taken and the other half will go up on our
unit wall.

Please thank your team of artists for which this was possible. Thank
you........ you all make me proud to be American.

Thank you,


His letter says it all. Each one of us makes a difference every day. Whether we make it positive or negative is up to us. We can influence and lift other people up with our kind thoughts and actions. Gratitude, is after all, the best attitude.

Thanks again to all of our hard-working and dedicated men and women serving our country! We are blessed to have you looking out for us! I wish we could make a special collage for each and every one of you!

And thanks to the students and teachers that took the time, effort and thought to create the collages for our soldiers!


Texture: How the surface of an object feels. In 2-dimensional artwork we create the illusion of texture with our lines.

Monday, October 25th ~ Texture & Critique

If you missed class Monday, October 25th, you need to get the two texture worksheets as well as the self assessment rubric. To make up for the missed class, finish the worksheets and rubric and critique another student's artwork. If you have questions on how to do this, come see me.

The critique is 10% of your grade and is very important. If you do not have access to another student's artwork, then pick an artwork by a famous artist to critique. Remember: use your art vocabulary!

Thank you!