Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Painting with Puppies

Watch the video until the very end! You will love it!

Frida Kahlo

Here is a short video with real footage of Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter.

Art:21 Raymond Pettibon

For all of you sports fans!

Dirty Car Art

Miz Art III - Computer Graphics

Our first lesson for this semester is about the power of propaganda and visual messages. For your third Miz Art, I would like you to break down one WWII poster and think about how the posters were used to change people's perceptions and attitudes.

Pick one WWII Poster and answer the following questions:

1. Does the poster contain a hidden/implied message? What is the desired effect?

2. What emotions do the images convey? What words are chosen for impact?

3. In what ways does the poster glamorize or villainize war or the people involved?

Due: January 20th, 2011

Miz Art III - Art & Yearbook

Our third Miz Art for the year is a fun and interactive project. As always, read the full Miz Art so you understand the full assignment (very important).

Technology. I have been seeing a lot of it in the classroom these days. Isn't it magnificent! I, myself, purchased a great little phone over the summer that takes fabulous photos. Since many of you have access to cell phones with phone cameras, this project involves the use of a camera. If you don't have access to a camera, you may check a camera out from me for use during lunch or after school. See me for details.

Our assignment is to take one fabulous photograph with any camera, be it a phone camera, a point and shoot or a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. 35 mm film cameras would be great as well! The objective of this assignment is for you to think about color, expression and to use your compositional skills, but most of all, to have fun!

Some of you may already know, but this year's yearbook theme is "Carpe Diem". In Latin this means "Seize the Day". I thought this was fitting for our first Miz Art for the year. As we all write our New Year's resolutions and think about how we will make this year better, how we will improve ourselves... many of us hope to embrace each and every day, right? For our project we will visualize what "seizing the day" means to each of us, personally. What does living life to the fullest mean to you, and why? What is important to you? What makes your life fulfilling? If you can't think of anything right now, then envision a goal for yourself. What would you/could you do in the future, to seize the day? To make your life full of meaning and joy? Now here is where the artistic element comes in. How do we translate this thought into an image? Do we show ourselves jumping up into the air? Do we take a picture of our favorite place? The decision is yours. You, and your life, are a blank canvas. Let's paint with light!

Here is what we will do:

First, read this article about use of color in photography:
7 Ways to Create Powerful Photos

For this project, don't forget about composition. Also think about expression and light (natural/outdoor light is best).

You will most likely have to take dozens of photos before you get the "perfect" photograph. Turn in your very best photo. Only one. This will help you with your editing and decision-making skills. Which photo has the best light? Best composition? Best expression? Color? Which photo conveys your message most clearly?

Email your photo to When you attach the photo in the email write one sentence about your photo explaining how your photo visually describes how YOU seize the day. Remember that your photos and messages must be legal and school-appropriate, and taken specifically for this assignment (no old photos).

Your project will be graded on a rubric:

Composition (use of "Rule of Thirds" or "Fill the Frame")
Color (use one of the suggestions in the article)
Expression/Meaning ("Seize the Day" is clear)
Written Work (your sentence)
Use of light (use natural light, if possible)

For Computer Graphics and Yearbook Students: Since you have access to the class cameras and have learned about aperture and shutter speed, I will also be accessing those components in your grade.

Due: February 3rd, 2011