Friday, January 10, 2014

Student Work!

For all of you sports lovers!

Man, I just love Petey Boy! Here is a stop motion animation he made for ESPN. By the end of this term, YOU too can make your very own stop motion film!

ESPN Stop Motion Animation :: BCS Bowls from Peter Simon (Petey Boy) on Vimeo.

Photographic Lighting Made Simple!

Lighting, lighting, lighting. Studio lighting is complicated, but this tutorial does a great job of explaining definitions and techniques.

By The Slanted Lens/Jay P. Morgan Studios

Fine Artist and Sculptor: Jaesun Kim

Interesting characters brought to life in imaginative works of art.

"I'm not a good storyteller in any language, Korean or English, so sometimes my works are more apt to express my feelings, my thoughts, everything."

Pardon My Dust by SnowGlobe Studios

"Pardon My Dust, takes you into a world of art very much unexplored and discovers a unique sketch adventure that has become a very special art form. A canvas, many of us have seen, but never used, Peter Han has transformed into chalk art. Witness Peter's incredible talent as he discusses how he achieves his calculated art of illustrating, he calls 'Dynamic Sketching.'"

"I wasn't going to school to be an entertainment designer, I was going to school to be a thinker. I was going there to be a problem solver."

Pardon My Dust from SnowGlobe Studios on Vimeo.

Chuck Close: Note to Self

I found this wonderful video by CBS about the artist Chuck Close. He truly has overcome many obstacles, and is quite an inspiration.

"Never let anyone define what you are capable of..."


Ancients from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo.