Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Abstract Project: First Steps

1) Complete a blind contour drawing on your large piece of paper. Fill the page. Make sure your image is abstract. You MUST get approval of your image BEFORE you go on to the next step! Remember to write your name on the back of the paper!

2) Draw over your completed outline in glue. Make sure you lay the glue on evenly. Set aside on a flat surface to dry.

3) After glue has completely dried (usually next day) start the ink process. Put about two toothpaste serving size amounts of block printing ink on your plate. Roll brayer back and forth vertically and horizontally until brayer is covered consistently with ink.

4) Cover whole surface of paper with an even coating of ink. Do not press too hard on glue or it will flatten. There will be a white space around the glue where you cannot get a layer of ink: this is OK. Set to dry on drying rack