Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miz Art ~ Honor & Respect

This semester we have created some symbolic self portraits and we have also learned about the artist Elizabeth Catlett. Catlett represents her subjects as dignified, strong and resilient.

This is your Miz Art:

Who, in your life, has shown you either compassion, dignity or strength. Please describe the characteristics of this person. If you could make an artwork about this person, what would it look like? Please use your art vocabulary when describing the artwork.

Miz Art ~ Personal Quote

Almost every day this semester we have had a new quote on the chalkboard. Many of these quotes have been motivational or inspirational. Some are just full of common sense.

This is your Miz Art:

1. What has your favorite quote been so far, and why?

2. Pick a quote that you feel applies to your life. Explain why it is important to you.

Miz Art ~ Art Proposal

Your final art project for the semester:

1. What medium will you use? Acrylics? Colored Pencil? Linocut? Pen and Ink?

2. What is your concept/idea?

3. What will your subject/focal point be?

4. What will your composition look like?

5. How will you use texture, value, line, shape, form and symbolism?

Miz Art ~ Negative and Positive Space

1. Type the definitions of both negative and positive space (should be in your notes).

2. Add an image of a linocut print by any artist to your paper.

3. Label the negative and positive space (use arrows).

Thank you!