Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dog Beard

Oh, Petey Boy! We just love your silly beard stop motions!

Gotta start summer break with something fun and goofy! Enjoy kiddos!

Dog Beard // Dear Beard 003 from Peter Simon (Petey Boy) on Vimeo.

Maya Angelou

Words cannot express the importance of Maya Angelou. The first time I read one of her poems, I was touched by her strength. So much so, that years later I decided to name my own daughter Maya. Though I don't have the gift of words, I want to share this short film featuring Maya Angelou in her memory. May we all touch lives (or at least one) the way that she did.

Cole Haan "Maya Angelou (Director's Cut)" from Ben Hughes on Vimeo.

By Cole Haan/Ben Hughes