Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Plants (Stop-motion)

Plants (Stop-motion) from kellianderson on Vimeo.

A BIG Thank You to Scott McCormick!

Scott McCormick visited us again at Castle View High School. This man is super busy and hopping all over doing amazing things, so we really appreciate the time he give us!

Whenever we have professional development days, we are asked what our "take-aways" are. I think that it's a good reflection for all of us, but here is what I have:

* If you get stuck on a problem, you will never find a solution. You have to let go of what the difficulty is, and problem-solve until you find your way through it (or around it).

* Resilience: He had everything stacked against him at one time. He never gave up. He knew what he wanted, and did everything he could to learn and work harder. He was passionate about photography, so that is all he did day and night. What would your photography look like if you took pictures constantly? How would your concepts improve?

* He learns from others. He seeks like-minded individuals and asks for their thoughts and expertise. Humility is beneficial in education. When you know that you don't know everything, and that others have something to offer, the world opens up to you.

* Collaborate! Seeking information from others is great, working with others is even better.

* Try new things! Shoot images in reflections, tape a mirror to your lens, shoot with film, try multiple exposures, play in Photoshop: always seek new ideas.

* Build it yourself. Be unique. Be you.

* I think the most touching thing he said all day was at the beginning. In this time and place, we are barraged with images. It seems that everything has been done, that everything has been said. This is absolutely not true. YOU are the only YOU in this world. YOUR VOICE matters. YOU matter. There is no telling where your influence will end. This is why I want you to pursue your passion and make images that are meaningful to you. I know you hear it from me over and over, day in and day out, but it is true.

I can't thank Scott enough for visiting us. I'll try though. THANK YOU SCOTT!