Sunday, April 24, 2016

Aunt Gail

This post is dedicated to the first person I knew that was a true rule-breaker. All of my childhood I had been raised to show respect, to "act like a lady", and to do what I was told. These are all good things I suppose and it's what parents teach their children. However, every summer we would make a trek across the country to visit our kin in Virginia. Miles and miles away from my mountain home, I got to know my Aunt Gail. I would brush her hair for her, and in return, she would pay me a dollar. She spoke to me, and in front of me, as if I were an adult. I heard some of my first curse words from her and learned all sorts of things that my mother would rather I not. Stories about her growing up were certainly entertaining. She lived her life as she wanted to. My Aunt Gail certainly did not care what others thought. She spoke her mind. For a long time I've tried so hard to be polite and to avoid offending others. In other words, I have always valued "being nice". Aunt Gail wasn't about that. She was about being herself. There are a lot things I can learn from my Aunt Gail. Being true to myself is one of them.

Aunt Gail, I wish you love and peace. Thank you for the memories.

Photo By Kyle B.