Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Generating Change - We are Castle View

One of Visual Art's World Class Outcomes is "Evaluate the role of art in generating change". This can apply to large, global issues, or smaller, local issues. What I love about projects this term, is that students wanted to generate change within their own community at Castle View High School. We had campaigns where students were spreading happiness by giving out positive quotes, printed boxes, and compliments. We also worked on the "We are Castle View" project again. Students take two students who don't know each other, introduce them, pose them together, and make posters. As is noted in Richard Renaldi's video people begin to care about each other with this project. It's about creating a positive change and atmosphere at our school. Boy, do we have it. I am so proud of you, my fabulous students! Keep spreading your kindness here and beyond! You are loved!

Student Work!