Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miz Art Two ~ Computer Graphics & Yearbook

Dawoud Bey is one of my favorite contemporary photographers. I think you will enjoy this Miz Art because the body of work you will be looking at relates to high school students.

Your Miz Art:

View Dawoud Bey's website:

Dawoud Bey

A) Browse Dawoud Bey's website and read his biography.

B) Click on Photographs and then Class Pictures. Read the Project Text (the link will say "Outside Inside: On Dawoud Bey's Class Pictures" by Taro Nettleton). Answer this question for number one:
What are your thoughts on this?
Would you be a willing participant for Dawoud Bey's Class Picture's project?
Why or why not?

C) Next click back on Class Pictures and view all of the portraits and read the accompanying texts. Answer this question for number two:
What person's story struck you the most and why?

D) Number three: What are your thoughts on Dawoud Bey's artwork? How would you describe it?

EXTRA CREDIT: The students wrote about themselves and shared parts of their lives that no one would know by just looking at their portraits. This really enriches the art project and gives the photography so much meaning and depth. If Dawoud Bey were to take a portrait of you, what would you like to say? For extra credit, write about yourself. One to three paragraphs. Up to 100 points.

DUE: December 9th, 2011