Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Opportunity! Nurturing Nature Exhibition

The Wildlife Experience has room for at least 12 pieces of 2D artwork (about 16"X20”). It is possible that they will have room for 24 pieces of this size. The theme is "Nurturing Nature". Students are welcomed to submit their artwork! This is a great opportunity to display your artwork/photography!

WHO will be this week's Photo Friday WINNER?!

I'm very excited for our first Photo Friday this week! Themes can always be interpreted in numerous different ways. How will YOU interpret this week's theme?

This week's themes:
2nd Period: Light
3rd Period: Broken

The winner will receive the goodie bag below, which includes an extra credit voucher worth 10 points towards an assignment of your choice. Second and third place photographers will receive a few pieces of candy too.

Good luck and have fun!