Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Student Work! Logo Designs

Read Across America!

Today we made lemonade out of lemons by working on some murals and coloring pages for Read Across America day. Mrs. Bivens, the elementary school librarian, came up with the idea. The perfect opportunity to create the murals and coloring pages came about today when our sink was out of commission. Students were really into the projects and everyone did a great job! Here are a few that were completed today. I can't wait to see them after the elementary school students have fun with them!

Miz Art Four ~ Art & Computer Graphics

Miz Art ~ Careers in Art

The final Miz Art for the 2011/2012 school year is about Careers in Art. Pick one of the listed careers in art and answer the following questions.

Questions to answer about your chosen career:

1. What courses do you need to take in college to prepare yourself for this career? Please list specific courses that you find from a college website. College websites will usually list the required classes for a specific degree.

2. What kind of trade school, college, university or art institution do you need to attend to prepare yourself for this career? List at least three colleges that offer a program that prepares for this career.

3. How much does this education cost? Does this include a bachelors degree or do you also need a masters degree or higher? Please calculate tuition costs and specify which college this information is for.

4. How much will you earn per year as a _________________?

5. What duties will you perform as a _________________? Please list specifics.

6. Job outlook: What is the job outlook right now? Is it a competitive environment? Will you be able to get a job? Or will you need a second job to support yourself for a while?

List of careers to choose from:

Fine Art Painter
Fine Art Sculptor
Fine Art Mixed Media Artist
Fine Art Installation Artist
Fine Art Videographer
Fashion Photographer
Wedding Photographer
Portrait Photographer
Fine Art Photographer
Commercial Photographer
Art Director
Museum Curator
Art Historian
Art Teacher
Art Professor
Museum Director
Medical Illustrator
Scientific Illustrator
Textile Artist
Sketch Artist
Painting Restorer
Craft Artist
Costume Artist
Fine Artist
Puppet Maker
Cartoon Artist
Fashion Designer
Graphic Artist

DUE: March 30th, 2012