Thursday, March 22, 2012

David Hockney and Photomontage

David Hockney's artwork, especially his photomontage work, has been especially influenced by the cubist works of Pablo Picasso. Trying to capture all angles of a subject, as Picasso did in his cubist paintings, Hockney produced visually captivating artwork.


Photomontage Project Requirements

1. Use the rule of thirds when placing your subject/focal point.

2. Correct exposures on photos (aperture, shutter speed and ISO).

3. Minimum of 20 images of the same subject, taken at different angles.

4. Be creative! Will all your images be in black and white? A mix of color and black and white? Will you change the colors of the images? Will you use borders on your photos?

5. Use a 16"x20" canvas (copy and paste and rotate images onto the canvas.


7. Turn in both the PSD file and a flattened JPG.

Meet Dr. Brock

Meet Dr. Brock from Vanessa Tam on Vimeo.

My brother's name is Brock! After watching this film, guess what my brother's nickname is!

Info:Venessa Tam's senior year thesis film at Sheridan College.

Directed by: Vanessa Tam
Sound Design by: John Diemer

New Student Work!

Examples of Clay Masks

Salif Keita

Salif Keita - Seydou from DEEN INC on Vimeo.

Since we are learning about masks from all over the world, I thought it would be interesting to include some contemporary African music. I was introduced to Salif Keita by a friend in college. I have been listening to, and loving, his music ever since! He is a singer and songwriter from Mali. He has albinism (lack of skin pigment) which in his culture meant that he had "bad luck". Under the caste system in the Mali Empire, he should never have become a musician. However, his talent and dedication has made him well-known world wide!

Here is an excerpt describing his latest album and the meaning behind his music:
Keita's latest album, La Différence, was produced around the end of 2009. The work is dedicated to the struggle of the world albino community (victims of human sacrifice), for which Keita has been crusading all his life. In one of the album's tracks, the singer calls others to understand that "difference" does not mean "bad" and to show love and compassion towards albinos like everyone else: "I am black/ my skin is white / so I am white and my blood is black [albino] /... I love that because it is a difference that's beautiful..", "some of us are beautiful some are not / some are black some are white / all that difference was on purpose.. for us to complete each other / let everyone get his love and dignity/the world will be beautiful."

Source: Wikipedia

Art I Mask Requirements

Please note that this written work replaces your art proposal. :-)

1. Research Masks: Research and write about masks from three different cultures. Please include a visual of each mask you are writing about and include your source. When writing about the mask, be sure to include the following information:
* Country and Culture
* Purpose of mask
* Are these masks still made?
* Materials mask is made of

2. In the same document write one to three sentences about the mask you will create. What will it look like? Will you be able to wear it? What function will it serve? What forms and textures will you use? Facial expression? Symbolism?

Turn the document into the Share Drive.

3. For your mask you will need the following:
At least three forms
At least three textures
At least one symbolic element
Excellent craftsmanship