Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Photograph Your Art

This is a very thorough tutorial about how to photograph your artwork. While I am always happy to take pictures for your portfolio, there may be a day when you need to do it yourself.

Romare Bearden & Kindness Collages

Here is the first presentation I've made using about one of my favorite artists. Enjoy!

Prom Dress Made of Cardboard!

Need some creative ideas for a prom dress? With some hard work and a unique idea, you too could have a fun prom dress! Read this article for more information: NPR Prom Dress Article

Fail Again, Fail Better

Cute animation about the frustrations that can go along with being a graphic designer.


"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat" -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Summer Internship project produced at BL:ND /
Direction / Design / Animation by David Bauer, Michael Ko and Sara Shin.

Sound design by David Kamp /

Sara Shin /
David Bauer /
Mike Ko /