Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Video: The Staves "Winter Trees"

THE STAVES WINTER TREES from Karni and Saul on Vimeo.

"Glaz" by Stereotactic

This film documents the story of Vladimir Kurashov. This young photographer had a serious eye injury in 2003. Despite this injury he has dedicated himself to the very visual medium of photography.
"I wish to (share this) with people: Look after your eyesight, guys! Don't look at your mobile phone, but look at the real world around you, which you can see with your own eyes... In order to learn how to broaden your horizon cherish what you see, how you see it, and with what you see it."

Glaz from STEREOTACTIC on Vimeo.

Helvetia's Dream

Stunning time lapse that features a meteor, the milky way, and of course, Helvetia (Switzerland).

Helvetia's Dream from Alessandro Della Bella on Vimeo.

By Alessandro Della Bella