Friday, January 7, 2011


From now on the Miz Arts will be handed in on the Share drive.


1. Type the Miz Art question and answer. Save as a word document. Save document as: MizArtNumberNamePeriod. So if your name was John Doe, answering the first Miz Art and you were in period 1, you would save the document as MizArtOneJohnDoeOne. Do not use spaces or numbers in the name of the document. Make sure your full name and class period is ALSO at the top of the first page of the Miz Art document.

2. Go to computer.

3. Select Share Drive.

4. Select Staff List

5. Select mburnell.

6. Select Hand In.

7. Save or drag your file into the Miz Art folder that corresponds: both number of Miz Art and then the class period. (save your first Miz Art in the folder named Miz Art One).

8. Remember to save the Miz Arts on time! Late Miz Arts are 10% off the first day and 50% off after that. Miz Arts are 10% of your grade. If you do not turn in Miz Arts you will be required to write a 3 page research paper on an artist or art movement per quarter.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Hopefully turning the Miz Arts in on the Share drive will help us become a "greener" classroom! Save some paper!