Saturday, February 8, 2014

How To Be

A music video featuring time lapse photography!
When I was a kid my mom would enlist my little brother and I in collecting and bagging pine cones from our property. She would then sell them to folks that wanted to make wreaths out of them. I never found the pine cones that appealing visually, and from a tactile standpoint I found them harsh and uninviting. Given that little tidbit from my past, watching this video featuring pine cones unfurling as a flower blooms, I found myself getting a little nostalgic. I could liken it to so many things, from the passage of time, to how you yourself will be blossoming, but I will let your mind do the wandering as you watch this beautiful piece.

How To Be from kveten on Vimeo.

Annette Gabbedey - Jeweller with no fingers

Annette Gabbedey - Jeweller with no fingers from David Hedges on Vimeo.

New Student Work!