Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stop Motion Animation Requirements

1. At least 30 seconds of completely edited animation.

2. A complete and well thought out background/set.

3. Props.

4. Minimum of one developed character.

5. Plot/Theme/Climax/Storyline.

6. Voice over and/or sound effects.

7. At least three different shot angles (close up, panning, long shot, etc.)

8. Craftsmanship - Well-made characters, set, props. No "shaking"/movement in the movie. Smooth editing. Interesting story. Overall - BEST EFFORT.

9. Ending credits.

You will be graded on your individual effort as well as the final group project. Every person should be participating cooperatively. It's all about the teamwork! This should be loads of fun! Let's get started!

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